Languages and Environments Reading Group

The Languages and Environments Reading Group was first convened in March 2021 by Daniel Finch-Race (Bologna), Kasia Mika (QMUL), Nicola Thomas (Bristol) and Joseph Ford (IMLR). Its core purpose is to explore environments across linguistic and disciplinary boundaries. The group meets online, around twice a term.

Participants are invited to reflect on tensions between – on the one hand – needing a lingua franca for such research and – on the other hand – valuing non-Anglophone terms, discourses, and cultures in ways that move beyond dominant linguistic hierarchies and colonising forces.

Matters for discussion in the group include: what would help to foreground the value of working across languages in the context of environmental concerns? What landmark environmental studies have occurred in languages other than English? What are some particularly inspiring collaborations about environmental matters involving multiple languages and disciplines? What could a multilingual and multidisciplinary approach to environmental issues achieve?

The organisers warmly welcome all interested in discussing approaches to languages and environments, and the languages of environmental research, including graduate students, early career academics, and activists and practitioners working outside of academia.


For further information about the network, please contact Joseph Ford: